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Panta District which comprises the Foe River basin is one of the impoverished sectors of Liberia. Panta district is located in Bong county. The country experienced a civil war in the 90s. The fourteen years of conflicts in Liberia even made the conditions in the district desperate. All of the inhabitants of the Foe River basin rely on subsistence farming in order to cater to their families. Most of the kids going school parents can not afford stationery for school during that start of enrollments or at the start of the academic year.

The Foe River Basin Community Development Organization being cognizant of the fact that education is the bedrock of any community has been engaged in providing assorted school supplies to kids in the district at the beginning of each school year.

Since 2009, the distribution of school supplies to kids of Foe River basin community has been a top priority of the Foe River Basin Development Organization. Believing that if the kids have the needed supplies for school would motivate them to stay in school.


The members and friends of the Foe River in the United States voluntarily donate items to be sent to Panta District in Liberia to be given to school kids.
The first school supplies for kids delivered in 2009
Assorted supplies by the organization Assorted supplies by the organization

Kids Striving for Their Educations
The organization treasurer Mrs. Mary Sombai volunteering her service on a visit.
The FRBCDO is also fully engaged with the youth development process in the district. Due to the decade of civil conflicts in Liberia, most of the youths experience violence. Some of them even participated in the war. Realizing the negative impacts the war had had on the youths, the FRBDO is totally involved in programs that would help the youth stay engaged positively. In order to promote peace among the youths so that they can forget the past, the organization provides funds to organize sporting activities in the community.

School kids lined up for the national anthern during the morning section.

Cleaning Up Campagn

Getting together for a friendly match

Each time a member of the organization takes a trip to Liberia, the organization encourages that member to visit communities to offer a voluntary service to the community.