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Help bring to life the Dolokelen Paye School for the future ones.
...please help GoFundMe
Forms of Support: The Foe River Basin Community Development Organization needs your help. After 14 years of civil conflicts in Liberia, the Foe River basin community lacks all basic needs-education, health and etc. The organization is a non-profit and donation made is tax deductible. We appreciate any donation in the form of cash, check, credit card or kinds. Thanks for your generous support.
Mailing address: Foe River Basin 62 Cook Ave West St Paul MN 55117

Preparation for Convention: The annual convention is nearing, we are trying to do a head count of people will be attending. Please respond "No or Yes" by clicking one of the button below.
We need your support for coming convention. Raffle tickets are ready for purchase. The cost for a ticket is $5. Contact Christian to purchase or purchase tickets online.
Every member is encouraged to work harder in making the association meet its goal. Please be informed that your presence at the next meeting is of importance at the convention.

Discussions at 2019 Convention

  • Discussion surrounding District Communities
  • Fund Raising Programs
  • Election climaxed with a kickout a dance
  • Cookout Grill Drilling
  • A lot more interactions

Mission Summary

What we do:

  • Build a strong relationship
  • Keep connected with one another
  • Do things as one family.
  • Provide Resources for the Development of our Local Community in Liberia
  • Promote Empowerment

    Nuah Mominneh (Kpelleh): Meaning People Matter

    Who We Are

    The Foe River Basin Community Development Organization in the Americas is a non-profit and non-political organization of Liberians from the Foe River Basin Community and other concerned friends engaged in a social, humanitarian and community development programs for the Foe River Basin Community. Due to the deteriorated conditions brought by the decade of civil conflicts in Liberia, we the members of the Foe River Basin Community residing in the United States recognize the important need to be active participants in the development of our local community and maintain cultural ties with the people of the community.

    What we have done »
  • Sponsored various Town Clean-Up Campaigns
  • Provided Assorted Schools Supplies to Schools in the district
  • Gave back to the community during the Ebola crisis
  • The organization donated emergency ambulance to attend to emergency calls. Hear from the commissioner and learn more...
  • 2015 - Baltimore MD
  • Recent Projects | Activities

  • Undertaking a project to renovate a mother school in the district
  • Supplying kids with school materials
  • Helping fight Ebola Outbreak
  • Cleaning up Campaign
  • Convention

    What Happening Monthly: This year meetings and conference calls are scheduled on a Bi-Monthly term. However we are flexible with the time based on unexpected events. We encourage everyone to be a part of the discussion surrounding to keep us moving forward.

    In Loving Memory of Mr. Stanley F. Paye
    On June 16, 2018, the organization lost one of its members, Mr. Stanley Paye who had lived most of his life in the U.S. Click on the picture below to read more

    The Late Stanley Fleance Paye
    We ask members and friends to pray for our communities all of the times. We are experiencing heart breaking events most and so often. We get sick news, death news, and others.

    Convention 2016 - Hosted in Ohio

    • On October 11, 2018: The organization received a sad news that the president of the organization lost a cousin by the name of Moses Korlorwoun in Liberia, precisely in Firestone.
    • On June 16, 2018: The association lost a member by the name of Mr. Stanley Paye.
    • 2018: Alfred and Christian Flomo lost their senior brother. This happened in Monrovia, Liberia. The burial has been slated for May 12, 2018 to take place in hometown Foequelleh.
    • 2017: On April 23, we have just lost a sister, daughter, niece Liberia. Alfred Flomo and his family got the disturbing news that a family person named Lucy Togbah got sick suddenly. The sad event happened in Monrovia where she had lived her life for years. The organization and its members extend a heartfelt sympathetic greeting to the family feeling this unbearable pain.
    • 2017: On April 4th we received a down-heartening information from our Liberian community again that Helen Nushann's mother-in-law has passed today in Liberia. Everyone is encouraged to extend their sympathetic greetings to the bereaved families.
    • 2017: Similar event occurred right after the said one below where we got a news that our own secretary Mary Sombai just lost her mother in Monrovia. As a group the organization extends its heartfelt symapathetic greeting to Mary and relatives. We all feel that pain when information like these arise in our community.
    • February 16, 2017: we lost a father, brother... in our community. A news came at later time stating the Joe Kata has passed. It's said that the incident took place in Liberia on a Thursday. Organization members are encouraged to extend their sympathetic greetings to the bereaved family.

    Projects: New Project - The Renovation of Dolokeleh Paye Elementary and Junior High - Click here to donate>>>

    Hello Everyone! The images that were posted on Facebook about the condition of the school in Foequelleh so disappointing. That school has provided 100s of us our early education and seeing it going down the drain is a disgrace. We need to do something as quick as possible to revive the situation. During the 2016 convention in Columbus, Ohio, we agreed as a group to raise funds in order to give the school a facelift. Let's remember our pledges. We also accepting friends and well-wishers to assist us. Remember the words of Pastor Marc: " Blessed to be a blessing." We have the opportunity to help our local community. Through our collective efforts success is assured. Now, we have created a Gofundme account, please make a little donation to this fund so others can be encouraged to assist us. The link for this account can be found on Foe River Basin Facebook page. You can also make a voluntary donation to our Wellsfargo account. Your urgent attention is highly appreciated. Thank You and God bless the works of your hands.
    - General Secretary
    Many thanks to the following people and urge also others to do the same. You can still make a pledge if you have not. It is not late to make a pledge.
      • Imcomplete List
      • Korto Cowboy also puts a $100 toward her pledge.
      • Alice G. Leamah has paid her sitting fee.
      • Adama Paye paid portion of his obligations.
      • Toto Togbajouah recently paid in full his pledge made at the 2016 Convention.
      • Mr. Stanley Paye just made a partial payment of $500.00 toward his pledge

    • 2017 Foe River Basin convention is gaining momentum. At this is year's convention, we are anticipating climaxing with a boat ride of Sunday August 6. The boat rides can be pretty exciting. Now, the cost of each person is $24.95. The organization will not be in the position to cover the cost of this activity. So we are informing you to make this part of your budget. If you have any question, please don't hesitate to contact us here in Minnesota. It is our promise that you will have an enjoyable, festive and memorable time. learn more »